Polo Gentile – Biography

GentilePolo was born in Mezzolombardo on April 05th, 1954; working student, he graduated in 1976 in Painting Decoration at the Institute of Art “Vittoria” in Trento-Italy and in 1990 he received the recognition of the professional figure of “Decorator”, performing work in Trentino-South Tyrol, Lombardy and Bavaria.

In 2004 he was assigned by A.N.A.E.P.A. (National Association of Artisans Decorators, Painters and Affinitors) the “Spatola d’Argento Award” for the work done, the activity as a teacher at CentroFor di Trento (Center for Professional Training and Accident Prevention) and for his activity of Councilor inside the Artisan Association of Autonome Province of Trento.

Since 2007 he has been working on painting in Trentino, Germany and Ethiopia, where he also actively collaborates with various humanitarian organizations; as exponent of Cosmic Dynamics, exhibits in Trieste together with his friend Enzo Dente with the patronage of the Military Navy Circle.

In 2011 he participates in the traveling international exhibition “La Via Claudia Augusta from 46 d.C. to 2046” and then others exhibitions in Italy, at Fraveggio, Lecce, Viterbo, Jesi, Merano, Verona, Bologna, Matera. He realizes a bronze medal for the Bronzetti family at Roverè della Luna (TN-Italy), and since 2015 he exhibited in Genoa, Florence, Padua, Ancona and Barcelona and again in Trento (Italy) for IBM, and at the Palace of the Region in Trento, at the Libera Palace in Villa Lagarina (Italy) with the French artist Helena Gath. In 2017 he exhibited at the Archaeological Area of Lodron Palace – Volksbank (Trento-Italy) with his colleague Sabrina Broll.

Founder of the Piana Rotaliana Cultural Association (2010), since 2012 is part of the F.I.D.A. group (Italian Artists’ Association) and, since 2015, also of the Cultural Art Gallery Museum Nabila Fluxus.

In 2009 he  publishes the volume “Movements of population in Mezzocorona: the world as a small country. First notes.” In collaboration with Paolo Dalla Torre.

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