Business organization. We make available to small and medium-sized companies the experience gained in the fields of Organization, BackOffice, Front Office, ICT / Security and Supervision, at leading banks, SIM and Leasing Companies. We already operate as consultants for a leading software house in the sector.

Management of literary and / or artistic publications. We make available to individuals or companies the experience in the creation of paper publications, managing both the editorial aspect and the editorial research activities, or publishing through advanced self-publishing tools.

Financial, insurance and pension advice. We operate since 2009 as a sub-agency of Multilife Srl of Bolzano, a reality of Italian insurance brokerage, which proposes itself as an exclusive national reference point in the identification, creation and distribution of innovative insurance products, retail and not (professionals / SMEs). Our financial expertise certified at European level, also allow us a possible evaluation – on request – of other products already in the client’s portfolio.

Real estate management. The valuation and / or management of real estate assets can be combined with that of the movable assets referred to in the previous point.