Wo we are

Studio Martorelli is young: it was born in 2008 from the idea of two brothers, Damiano and Lucia Martorelli, who decided to combine their respective professional skills.

Damiano MartorelliDamiano Martorelli

Engineer, historian, archaeologist, and EFPA Certified Financial Advisor at European level since 2004, is strong of a valid academic preparation, continuously integrated and adequate over time. He has twenty years of experience in the field both as a Project Manager in SMEs and companies in Northern Italy with international projection, and as an official in Italian and Austrian financial institutions (banks, SIM, Leasing Companies) operating in Italy and in the Trentino-Tyrolean area. He collaborates since 2008 as consultant and Software Architect for a primary Software house in the financial field. His area of intervention for individuals and Small Business customers covers:

– Financial & Insurance consultancy
– Money laundering prevention
– Italian Registry of Financial Reports (“Anagrafe Tributaria”)
– Project Management,
– Change management, process implementation.

He also works in the university field in engineering projects, with particular regard to the cultural heritage. From February 2017, he is also a member of the Management Board of the Italian Association of Georadar.

Lucia MartorelliLucia Martorelli

Expert in Back-Office and procedural management, photography, computer graphic and digital artist herself, editor of books (editorial, cover, publication, etc …) and exhibitions, combines a decade of experience gained in various professional fields. He collaborates with his brother Damiano in companies, having also held some roles in leading Italian and Austrian financial companies, and more recently with several artists of national and international standing.

In a borderland, the union between Tyrolean and Italic culture.

Trento is in a historically strategic position, a bridge between the German world and Italy, with a deep-rooted Central European culture. Our legacy also influences the work of every day: for this reason seriousness, punctuality, transparency and correctness are essential virtues for us.